A bit about me…

I’m a New Hampshire freelance copywriter specializing in content marketing for startups, technology, and finance. I combine a talent for storytelling with an outsized dose of typo anxiety to bring my clients fantastic results.

With a decade of professional writing experience under my belt and a quad-shot latte in my hand, I can do anything. When left unattended, I sometimes dabble in fiction and essays. I’ve got bylines in online publications such as Scary Mommy and the Penny Hoarder.

When I’m not at the keyboard, I serve as the household barista and chief bread baker. I can usually be found reading or knitting, sometimes gaming, and (less often) sleeping in past 6am.

I’m supported in all these endeavors by my amazing husband Eddie, the Triplets of Mass Destruction, and a small contingent of lazy and beloved house-pets.

I use my Bachelor of Science in English from Northeastern as license to wield a semi-colon.

And yes - coffee did, in fact, make me do it.