Great content is one of the best lead-nurturing tools for your business; however, creating engaging content takes time and attention. How do you get clients on the phone without spending your life at the keyboard? Get a professional. A great freelance writer can keep your content fresh and your pipeline full, freeing you up to effectively grow your business.

 With countless freelancers offering writing services, what sets me apart from the rest? You may be surprised to learn, it's what I offer before words hit the page. With over a decade of in-house and freelance writing experience, my clients get all the benefits of an in-house writer without the expense of hiring a full-time employee. You can enjoy a pleasant development process, excellent communication, timely delivery, and a finished product you're excited to share with clients. 

To learn more, read about my areas of specialization below, and check out my portfolio of past work from happy clients.

If you need more time and great marketing content, get in touch today and let's get started.  

Case Studies

 NH Case Study WRiter interviews a featured customer for a client case study.

If you need to set yourself apart in your industry, case studies (also called client success stories) are a perfect way to attract leads by showcasing your best client work from start to finish. Written like a feature magazine article, case studies deliver far more ROI than a typical "blurb" testimonial. Let your best clients speak for you with well-crafted, narrative marketing pieces that build rapport before the first phone call.



Thought Leadership

 potential lead reading a thought leadership piece written by a new hampshire business writer

Effective marketing is about more than sharing information. The key to attracting new leads is to inform and entertain your potential clients at every stage of the sales cycle. A content calendar featuring a steady supply of quality articles, white papers, reports, and eBooks establishes you as the thought leader in your industry or niche; it keeps your readers coming back for well-written, engaging content and establishes you as the obvious choice when decision time arrives.


Marketing Collateral

 New hampshire freelance writer creates copy for websites, content marketing, and print collateral.

A picture can be worth a thousand words, but is it telling the whole story? Even the best-designed online and print marketing materials need flawless writing to give your reader a full understanding of your products and services. Pairing eye-catching design with crisp, effective copy ensures that every aspect of your marketing collateral is pulling its weight.