NH Freelance Software Writer

Hey there!

I’m Belynda. I’m a freelance copywriter who helps professionals in the software, finance, and real estate industries get more leads and close more sales. With a diverse professional background and a knack for eye-catching copy, I offer thoughtfully created, compelling marketing pieces that capture more leads and get products noticed.

Need to get a novel software solution off the ground quickly? Attract more attention to your products or services? Get Phase I of your development up and running?

I can help with all those.

Why content marketing?

You may be thinking, “Why would I hire a copywriter? There are plenty of ways to get leads.”

I know. As a former sales professional and Realtor, I've been on the traditional lead-building treadmill! I’ve done cold-calling, networking, referral hunting.

As I Realtor I knocked expired listings, took in relocation leads, sat on desk duty taking calls (on other agents' listings!) I once stood at an open house in winter trying to show a house that had no heat (spoiler alert: it didn’t sell at open house). Long story short, I've put in a lot of boots-on-the-ground time...

which is exactly why I promote the power of content marketing.

Why me?

Well, I’m a damned good writer. (Just ask my clients!)

All kidding aside, I’m a professional writer with a decade of experience, and I truly "get" your industry. I've assisted software firms in getting their message out to their ideal prospects. I've helped designers, Realtors, and other professionals demonstrate their value to their audience I know what it takes to get to the closing table.

When you hire me, you get first-rate service from a copywriter who knows your industry, ego-free collaboration, and a finished product you'll be excited to share with your audience.

Bonus: You'll get more time to focus the things you need to do, and the things you love to do.

Are you ready to get started? Email belynda@belyndacianci.com or call me directly at (978) 697-2422.

Case Studies

NH Case Study WRiter interviews a featured customer for a client case study.

Case studies (also called “client success” or “featured client” stories) are a perfect way to attract leads by showcasing your best client work, setting you apart from the pack. Written like a feature article or profile piece, case studies deliver far more ROI than a typical "blurb" testimonial. Let your best clients speak for you with well-crafted, narrative marketing pieces that build rapport before the first phone call.

Want to see a case study in action? Click here!



Thought Leadership

potential lead reading a thought leadership piece written by a new hampshire business writer

Effective marketing is more than a sales pitch. The key to attracting new leads is to inform and entertain your potential clients at every stage of the sales cycle. A content calendar featuring a steady supply of quality articles, white papers, reports, and eBooks establishes you as the thought leader in your industry or niche; it keeps your readers coming back for well-written, engaging content and establishes you as the obvious choice when decision time arrives.

See an example of thought leadership in action: Read my white paper on the power of fully-leveraged testimonial here.

Marketing Copy

New hampshire freelance writer creates copy for websites, content marketing, and print collateral.

A picture can be worth a thousand words, but there is still more to the story. Even the best-designed online and print marketing materials need flawless writing to give your reader a full understanding of a project or a listing. Supporting your project photos with effective copy ensures that your potential clients know just how much innovation, work, and heart goes into your work, conveying the value of your services more effectively than pictures alone.