Great content is one of the best lead-nurturing tools for your business; however, creating engaging content takes time and attention. If you need content that gets clients on the phone, a great freelance writer can keep resources fresh and your pipeline full. 

What sets me apart? With a mix of in-house and freelance experience, I give you the in-house experience, on-demand. Along with top-notch marketing materials, you can expect enjoyable collaboration, excellent communication, and total satisfaction with your project. 

What does your business need to thrive? Get in touch today and let's talk shop. 


Case Studies

 NH Case Study WRiter interviews a featured customer for a client case study.

Case studies attract leads by sharing a client success story from start to finish. Written like a feature article, case studies deliver more than just a testimonial. Let your clients speak for you with well-crafted, narrative marketing pieces that build rapport before the first phone call.



Thought Leadership

 potential lead reading a thought leadership piece written by a new hampshire business writer

Customers and clients want to be informed and entertained. A content calendar featuring a steady supply of quality content such as articles, white papers, reports, and eBooks establishes you as the thought leader in your industry or niche. Keep your readers coming back for more with a well-implemented content strategy.


Marketing Collateral

 New hampshire freelance writer creates copy for websites, content marketing, and print collateral.

A picture can be worth a thousand words, but only tell half the story. Even the best-designed online and print marketing needs top-quality copy to give your reader a full understanding of your products and services. Make sure every aspect of your marketing collateral is pulling its weight.