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Stale Kills Sales

“Publish or perish” doesn’t just apply to academics. You need new content and marketing pieces if you’re going to get attention (from Google, or anyone else).

And no one moves down the funnel unattended, right? Your sales team is looking to you for a constant flow of resources - articles, case studies, white papers, newsletters… that one oddly-specific one-pager - to keep their leads moving in the right direction.

It’s a big lift.

If you’re like a lot of in-house teams, you’re already flat out with current projects. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and only so many hours in the week. You need another hand on deck - someone who can get to grips with the material quickly, and deliver on deadlines without the hand-holding.

If you catch yourself staring at the clock, thinking, “How am I going to get this all done?” It’s time to hire a freelance writer.

But it can’t be just anyone. You need someone who “gets” tech topics - someone to dig into the facts, understand your products, and tell your story. Fortunately, you’ve found her!

Why Hire Me?

I know, there are quite a few writers in the tech niche. Why should you hire me over the rest?

Well… I’m damned good at what I do. (Just ask my clients!)

Seriously though, a great tech writer brings more than word-count to the table. Over a decade of writing for innovative companies in the software, biotech, and finance industries, I’ve developed the particular work ethic and skills you want in a freelance writer:

  • Knowledge in a range of tech-intensive industries. From mobile threat detection to ex-vivo assay-plate drug trials, I’ve covered a lot of ground.

  • Great research and translation skills. I can understand what’s under the hood, and get your readers excited about it.

  • An editor’s eye for detail, and a marketer’s knack for attention-grabbing copy. (Who doesn’t love a snappy headline?)

  • Snake-oil-free SEO practices, built into every piece of content.

  • Road-mapping and brainstorming skills that make developing your content calendar a breeze.

When you hire me, you get first-rate communication, ego-free collaboration, and great, clean copy delivered on (or before) deadline. Who knows? You might even have time to eat lunch away from your desk. #goals

So, what do you need?

Case Studies

NH Case Study WRiter interviews a featured customer for a client case study.

Let your clients tell your best stories.

Case studies are a perfect way to attract leads by showcasing your best client work, setting you apart from the pack. Presented like a profile piece, case studies are a compelling marketing piece that far outstrips the “blurb” testimonial for ROI.

Click here to see a case study in action.




potential lead reading a thought leadership piece written by a new hampshire business writer

Cover your industry, engage your leads.

Your sales team needs content to share - and Google needs to see some action. Hosting a blog that delights and entertains is a great way to hit both birds with one stone - letting you share relevant news updates, market information, and helpful content easily.

Email Marketing

New hampshire freelance writer creates copy for websites, content marketing, and print collateral.

Keep the conversation going.

Email is still one of the most effective and widely-used ways of engaging your leads, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Thoughtfully crafted nurture campaigns and email newsletters keep you top-of-mind with prospects, and help you share timely and useful content directly to their inbox.                 

Need help now? I’m ready when you are! Email belynda@belyndacianci.com or call me directly at (978) 697-2422 to get started.